Actuary (Newly/Part-Qualified)

Actuary (Newly/Part-Qualified)

We're looking for a well-organised and efficiency-focussed Actuary to join Boal & Co's actuarial team.

The role is flexible and would be well suited to either a newly qualified or a part-qualified Actuary.

Boal & Co is a company of Actuaries and Consultants, working with both life insurance and specialising in the trusteeship and administration of pension schemes.

Your main responsibilities will be:

  • taking responsibility for the actuarial support and calculations for the pensions administration and trustee teams
  • valuation of the liabilities of defined-benefit pension schemes
  • assisting with the Risk-Based Capital reporting requirements of life insurance companies
  • assisting with consultancy work in both life insurance and pensions
  • producing reports and assisting with various other projects

This role would be suitable for a newly qualified, or part-qualified Actuary and is a unique opportunity to get involved with both life insurance and pensions on the Isle of Man.

The successful candidate should be self-motivated and well-organised to meet the various deliverables they will be responsible for throughout the year. The candidate may also be required to organise and motivate others in order to meet their deliverables.

The candidate should be conscientious with a high attention to detail. The candidate's work will be complex and its outcome will often affect individual members of pension schemes. Attention to detail is very important to ensure the candidate can pick up on the complexities of individual calculations.

The candidate should have strong general computer skills and be very experienced with Excel and Access. The role will involve performing calculations and building financial models. To do this efficiently and robustly the candidate needs to use software to an advanced level and be able to choose the most efficient software for their needs. Experience with VBA and SQL is preferrable, and experience in other programming languages an advantage.

The candidate should be forward-looking and efficiency-focussed. The deliverables the candidate is responsible for will grow in volume over time and the candidate should forsee such growth and manage future resources and processes appropriately. The candidate should have a focus on efficiency and be capable of creating and redesigning processes to improve their efficiency and to take advantage of the evolution of technology.

Boal & Co are situated in modern offices in the Isle of Man Business Park which means we’re easy to get to and have plenty of parking. The Isle of Man Business Park is now the working place of choice for many large companies and home to a bike shop, café and fitness centre.

We offer a flexible, modern working environment, and a first rate remuneration package.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send your CV in to

Closing date for applications is Tuesday 23rd April 2019