Isle of Man Budget 2018 - Pension Freedoms

Isle of Man Budget 2018 - Pension Freedoms

The Treasury Minister, Alf Cannan delivered his budget speech to Tynwald on Tuesday. You couldn't make it? Don't worry, Boal & Co were there to make sure you didn't miss out on the major changes to pensions on the island.

So what’s changed?

Pension Freedoms – New Scheme

Alf announced there will be a new type of pension scheme on the Isle of Man from April.  The new scheme will give you the freedom to take your pension as and when you want it, provided you’re old enough (55) to take a pension of course.

As an extra bonus, you’ll be able to take a tax-free lump sum on retirement of 40% which compares favourably to the 30% available to current schemes.

Taking your money from a current scheme

You could already take all of your money from a current scheme provided it was less than £50,000.  This limit has now been increased to £100,000 allowing many more people to take their money from their scheme in full.

If you’ve got more than this amount you might still be able to take advantage of the new pension freedoms by transferring your funds to a new scheme.  To enable you to do this the Treasury ask you to pay 10% of the value to them.

And why should you care?

Are you a pensioner?

Then you now have more options available to you if you wish to access more of your funds.  Perhaps you’d like to transfer your pension to the new scheme, or perhaps you’d like to take advantage of the higher limits under the current scheme.

Are you saving for retirement?

Then you might consider making your future contributions under the new scheme, to take advantage of the larger tax-free lump sum and the freedom to access your funds as you want from age 55.

If you contribute to your employer’s scheme then your employer will need to offer the new scheme for you to take advantage.  To make sure they do, contact your HR department and mention that Boal & Co can help.

None of the above?

Well you might want to start saving for your retirement now!  With the new scheme, its freedoms, and the larger tax-free lump sum, there may never have been a better time to start.

We can help!

We’ve been working hard since Tuesday, to make sure we can offer the new scheme as soon as possible.

Like our Facebook page to make sure we can keep you up to date.

If you’re already with a financial advisor then you can ask them how Boal & Co can help you to best take advantage of these changes.

Or else feel free to drop us a call or a mail on the details below:

01624 606606


For industry professionals, our technical summary of the budget can be found here.



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