Group Personal Pension Schemes


The Rewards Group Personal Pension Plan (“Rewards”) is a pension scheme which is arranged for you by your employer. The scheme is in your name and is fully portable should you move to a different employer, or become self-employed in the future.

Rewards is a pension scheme established under trust in the Isle of Man, there are two separate sections:

• Rewards (PFS)

• Rewards (1989)

Each section of Rewards now offers specific advantages to you, the member, depending on your own individual circumstances:

• Rewards (PFS) enhances the flexibility of your future retirement choices with regular contributions being paid by you and your employer into a pot which will offer maximum access after age 55

• Rewards (1989) will accept transfers in from other Isle of Man approved and/or UK pension schemes you may have without incurring a transfer fee

You can download a brochure and key documents here